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NOS MicroTubes


Active Member
Hey Hey!

I've got some New, Old Stock, MicroTubes that I'd part with for the right offer...

I find that having a variety of different tubes on my 3 UAD-1s provides nice colors, with the fourth card being the newer FET model, of course.

I also have an original Calex Mfg. Model 603 Vacuum Tube Tester, the kind that used to sit in a Walgreens with 2 drawers in the base that the stock of new MicroTubes would be in. Nowadays I just keep my 1/8\" to 1/4\" adapters in there.

Best offer?



Established Member
what the hell are you talking about man?


saemskin said:
what the hell are you talking about man?
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I thought the same thing until Archmart replied to your post.

Thanks for the heads up Archmart, I had no idea that the UAD-1 had tubes on it. I guess it pays to read those UA webzines...


Active Member
What would the shipping be on the Calex to Canada? I've found a lot of variance in tube values, which really effects the sound of the UAD plugs. It's hard to know it they will 'match' without a tester.


Active Member
Tubes for sale.


I have sourced Fairchild micro-tubes for the UAD-1.
If anyone's interested.
Can do FET to tube convertions also.

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