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Ocean Way Studios balance pot question


New Member
If I just have 1 mic active, in Re-Mic mode, with OWS as an insert, is there any difference between using the balance pot in the OWS plugin and using the pan in my DAW? What I’m trying to understand is… does using that single balance pot move the sound of the instrument in the room, or does it move the whole room reverb (which is what using the pan in my DAW would do).


Venerated Member
Hmmm - it's not quite as straightforward as I thought.

In OWS if you Pan a microphone HARD left or right you do indeed get an entire shift of the instrument and room reverb to that channel and in effect it behaves as a Mono signal would.
However if you then move the Pan Pot ever so slightly back towards the center (a degree or so) the image is very suddenly Stereo again and the iinstrument Pan is happening within the Stereo field (I think).

I'd have a look in the manual and see if they make mention of it.

Joe Porto

Hall of Fame Member
I've noticed from the get go that OWS can cause balance discrepancies even when fed a seemingly balanced stereo signals. This is most apparent for me on a drum kit. I believe this is due to the non-linearities of the room models that can cause uneven frequency buildup in the stereo field. I use the 'balance" knob to get things back close to center without effecting the dry mix of the drums.
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