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OK, I think -I'm- Gettin' The Old X2 Pops and Clicks!


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It's sad when it happens to someone else. It's CRAP when it happens to you! :mrgreen:

=Sometimes=, just -sometimes- now, when I add a new UAD-1 plug as an insert FX in Cubase SX 3.1, I start getting pops and clicks. But only on the input channel. That is, playback is still fine, but recording or monitoring on that channel sounds a bit like an F/M station with static. Scratchy.

Shut down and re-start SX and it goes away.

Since this is a fresh install of Windows on a brand new PC, with very few other processes running, I gotsta believe it's a UAD-1 issue---especially since it only has happened on channels where there was a UAD-1 plug.

Intriguingly, once it hits a channel, removing the UAD-1 plugs from that input channel does -not- solve the problem.

Weird, huh?



Sadly, left this world before his time.
I have also noticed that when I get these pops and clicks at my X2 system (see relevant topic), Nuendo shows audio input activity where it doesn't exist.

JC, please e-mail them about the issue.


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Akis said:
JC, please e-mail them about the issue.
'Them' who? You mean UA?

BTW: Don't they monitor this forum? Don't you have the Dr.s on speed dial? :mrgreen:


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I think this is a false alarm.

I -think- this is the result of something in my ADAT chain (either a bad output or cable.) I didn't realize that this is what they do when they go bad... crackle, crackle, POP!

One kind of disappointing thing in the RME software is that there doesn't seem to be anything that tells you there is a problem.

On my old Frontier card, the control software would've alerted you that something was wrong with the handshaking.

I'll follow up one more time just to confirm, but I am pretty sure this issue is closed. Sorry for creating any unnecessary FUD.



I updated to version 4.0 and now I get clicks when using UAD1 card. Fortunatelly I did not buy any new plugins yet. I'll be returning to 3.9, just to make sure that driver 4.0 is the problem. I'm getting clicks with both RME-Multiface (really bad ones) and with Creamware Pulsar (occasional ones). Those clicks are both in Cubase SX 3.1 and Wavelab 5.0. It is very annoying!!!

My system is:
Athlon X2 - 4400+,
Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939
2gigs of DDR-pc3200cl2pt ram
2 UAD1 cards,
RME Multiface
Creamware Pulsar,
WD(OS) and Seagate(everything else)*3 HD's
Win XP Pro SP1,
Cubase 3.1
Wavelab 5.01b
UAD Bundle Month