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OK, so where's my \"Presets\" folder?

Boy, I hope this isn't a dumb question...a search didn't turn up anything.

I have two UAD-1 cards and all the plugins, running flawlessly in SX3 and LE, with the wrapper. All the presets are available when I open a plug, but I can't find a presets folder anywhere. All my other plugs (Poco, Waves, etc.) have these folders within the plug folder, but not UA.

The manual says:

\"On Windows systems, the default preset location is inside the Presets directory,
which is created within the directory selected during software installation.
For example, if the default location was specified when running the
UAD-1 Powered Plug-Ins Installer, the location would be:

C:\\Program Files\\Universal Audio\\Powered Plugins\\Presets\"

I did the standard installation with this default location, but there is no Presets folder within the Powered Plugins folder. It's not within the Steinberg folder, either, or anywhere that I can find on the computer. A search for \"presets\" turns up presets folders for every plug I have, except for the UAD.

The presets are there in the plugs and working great, so where are they filed on the hard drive? I want to add downloaded presets but have to install them in this file, correct?
Mine are in: Program Files\\Steinberg\\Vstplugins and there I find 1 folder named Powered Plugins and right below but NOT in that folder is 1 named Presets. In the Preset folder is one called UAD-1 Presets Win. In that are seperate folders for each plug..

One question I have in looking for mine is, all the plugs have preset banks or .fxb files except the 1176's and the LA2A's.. Why is that?

I've got almost the same...

Program Files\\Steinberg\\VSTplugins

In the VSTplugins folder I've got folders for PowerCore, Powered Plugins (UAD-1) and one called just Plugins that has all the miscellaneous ones, like a couple PSP, URS, etc. These folders only contain the plugins, though, not the presets. The presets are in folders within each company's own folder in Program Files...except Universal Audio.

Are the UA presets somehow integral to the plug and you have to create a separate preset folder within C:\\Program Files\\Universal Audio\\Powered Plugins\\ in order to add new presets?
Hey Steve, you're the guy who developed all those Sony plugs, right? You should know all this stuff! :D


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From the XP's start menu, if you reach the Steinberg SX3 sub menu you will see a shortcut («Cubase SX3 data folder» or something like that since I'm running the french version) which open the folder where all the presets, templates etc are found. The shortcut may point to:
C:\\Documents and Settings\\**USER session name***\\Application Data\\Steinberg\\Cubase SX 3
The drive maybe different if XP is installed on another partition/drive.
Somewhere the folder is private for each of the XP's user session. I mean that if you run Cubase under different session on your computer, presets, templates, etc that you save will not be share.
\"Hey Steve, you're the guy who developed all those Sony plugs, right? You should know all this stuff!\"

Naw.. That's my 2nd Cousin, Sony Oxford.. :lol:

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Well, if they don't pay you, I think you should at least be promoted to \"Special Agent\" Cooper. Thanks for the info!! :D
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