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Onboard Graphics - What are the problems exactly?


Hi! I want to buy a notebook for everyday use and music (at home).

What problems will I face when I choose one with shared memory for graphics? Only a cut down from ram or bandwith issues, other? Non?

[The plan would be:
dualboot (1st everyday with pretty much everything one needs like office, internet etc.; 2nd only system for musicuse)
magma pci->xpress card with couple of hds, sata controller, uad-1s, poco, firewire card and audio interface]

I won't need much graphics power as you see, so?

Thanks for any input :D


games would use the shared memory or if you plan on running Vista you need more memory and wouldnt want your GFX card using it up.


Hi&thanks for the reply!

The max memory consumed would be 128mb of 4GB ram, so I don't think that it's that much of a problem. I'm talkink about this ati 1150 xpress chipset in this notebook:

HP nx6325 with AMD Turion X2 TL60

What I fear is that this gfx card gets in the way in some sort with musicmaking or am I just talking bullsh** and that has nothing to do with each other?

BTW, it (the chipset and it's integrated gfx) is certified for vista, but then again, before I'll switch to vista there might be quite a long time, so I'll have a new system again anyway.

My only concern is, if this chipset gfx conflicts with making music...


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To be honest, if your not bothered about the RAM it's probably not a problem. Except I'm not sure if it would be attached to the PCI buss or the AGP, that probably varies from laptop to laptop. If it was on the PCI bus then it may still be an issue, but it may not be, that depends on the overall architecture of the system, and how nice it all plays with the Magma etc.

There must be someone else running a similar set-up on this board?

In any case, all the best with it. It sounds like a great portable (well, semi-portable :wink: ) system.





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could even be on the pcie buss! Especialy considdering the chipsets name...
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