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Once again! flat 80-pin cable



I know about this cable are other threads.

Well I need the grey flat ribbon cable 80 pin for an AVID/MAGMA
7-slot extender. I read and also I found by myself that is near
to impossible to get one of these cables.

Actually I found a cable on the picture it looks similar but it is for
an old SBS chassis. Can someone confirm if this was
the same cable as for the AVID/MAGMA chassis?

Otherwise is there any specialist who could help me to make
the cable by myself. Is the pinout logical, I mean the pins on the
the same place of each end are interconnected? Or did they a special
connection that it is more difficult to reproduce?
Would be great if someone could measure out with an OHM-meter
this cable, and indicate the resistance of the line.

Thanks and best regards
UAD Bundle Month