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Only 2 uad plugs at a time HELP


New Member
Im using Ultra pack with SONAR 5.01

Im only able to use 2 effect on tracks and busses at a time.

If i use more it will not play back at all.

Ive talked to Brett at UAD tech support he had never heard of this before.

I have all current up dates.

This same thing happened using Sonar 4.0

My rig is A DEll 8300
3.0ghz Pentium
1gig ram
800mhz buss
Delta 1010 card

Has anyone had this problem?

People on Sonar sight say Card could be BAD.

Any help would be most appreciated!!!


New Member
No im not using any nigel I have never tried it.

Im trying to use 1 fairchild 1 dreamverb 1cambridge on a single channel.
it will not play at all.

Ive tried to use this same combination on a buss same problem.

By the way Im using Sonar 5.01.

This has been a problem since i got it.

No one has an answer.

I have trouble using more than 5 plugs at the same time on different tracks.

I thought UAD was capable of doing more others with the same system as mine are having no problems.

This very frustating to say the least.

Someone on the Sonar sight said I may have a bad UAD card.

I asked Brett at tech support he said probly not as the card usually fails completly.


Tony Ostinato

Active Member
try moving the card to a different pci slot, sounds like the one its in isnt workin with it.

also try running 5 or more ex-1's to elimintae just the number of plugs being a problem and isolate to the amount of power each plugin takes.

I have no problem running to the advertised specs so you shouldnt either, but you may have a bad setup there. Try what i said and get back to us.


New Member
Tony i tried adding 5 EX 1s and could only get 2 to work at a time.

If i add a third it wont play back at all.

With 1 fairchild 1 dreamverb and 1 cambridge my meter say 24% cpu and
15% memory.

With 2 EX1s it said 7% cpu and 1% memory.

Does this help?

I have a? for Tony if you have a similar system where is your UAD card which slot?

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