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Ordered UAD-1e today and.....


cane creek said:
......they work ok on midi tracks ?
??????????? MIDI tracks ???????


I assume by "MIDI tracks," cane creek is referring to virtual instrument tracks that generate audio under MIDI control. In that case, then yes - in my experience the UAD-1e plugs appear to work fine as inserts on those track types (e.g. EXS24 bass, with an LA2A compressor inserted on the channel.).

As I've mentioned in this forum previously, my Mac Pro 8-core (Early 2008) 2.8Ghz machine is working with 2 UAD-1e cards and Logic - you just need to be conservative on the number of instances and (in my case at least with a FireWire Apogee Ensemble audio interface), keep the latency as low as possible (<256 samples). Though this may seem counterintuitive, my experience has proved that the higher the latency, the more likely you'll see CPU spiking w/the UAD plug-ins.



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Not the case here.

My music is about 90% virtual instruments.

My dual quadcore 2.8 (jan 2008 model) is at times alot worse off than my dual G5 was.

I have 3 x uad-1 cards and a Apogee Ensemble interface.

Performance is terrible. Especially with demanding plugins (Neve stuff springs to mind). I can forget about the uad-1s running at anything more than 30-40% before the spikes are so demanding that it brings the computer to it's knees (which is quite an acomplishment considering the avaiable power).

Tried different buffer settings. Not any difference as far as I can see...

Hope Apple and UA are able to work this one out.
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