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Other purposes for using Console other than Recording - Workflow with DAW


New Member
Hi Boys and Girls,

i wonder what you can do with Console besides recording? For a very long time i mainly used Console for the recording process. Recently i saw a guy using lots of virtual channels to route Tracks from the DAW into console, doing summing processing there. I wonder whether this is more convenient in any way? Why not using the DAW for that? Is it about the latency? I also got some outboard gear and i would like to route this inside console, maybe using flex routing for it. Anyway i want to use the console more and i am keen to hear what you are using it for besides the normal recording process - especially when it comes to mixing? If you got some YT-Video recommodations i would even be more happy. I don't want to use LUNA because i am very happy with my DAW. Best regards from Switzerland! cheers


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Hello Neo80. " i wonder what you can do with Console besides recording? " Among many other uses with UA Console, this is yet One of the ways we are putting it into use. Live. We run through our Daw first with plugs for some tracks, while outputting other tracks via Aux Sends into UA Console, which is using other Virtual Tracks & Mic Line input/outputs with more plugs working with Apollo's Hardware, nothing recording, but all is in real time processing. Also, 2 Viva 4K Ultra Short Through Video Projectors are being outputted from Logic which is rare to use Logic this way, as it's design as most know is for recording & some video post production work as well, but UA Console & it's latency with plugs in real time with Daw & all you just heard about, Smooth as Silk. Wow to UA Software & Hardware Indeed. Hope some of this can add to your interest in the UA Console.

Matt Hepworth

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I sometimes use Console in less conventional ways. Check some of the vids in my signature.


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I use Console to manage UA plug-ins in my DAW. Well, I used to… how’s that for unconventional ;)
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