Output from Apollo x4 to channel strip

Hi all,

l’m renting a shelford channel strip for the week and using it with my Apollo x4. I’m easily able to go from the shelford to the Apollo (and the into Logic) via XLR to 1/4”TRS. But, I’m now wanting to record without the EQ and compressor sections of the Shelford, using only Shelford’s preamp, and to then route the recorded signal BACK into the Shelford in order to apply EQ and compression, which I could record onto separate tracks. I thought this would give me more flexibility.

1. This is a long preamble to a simple question: how do I send my “dry” recoded track INTO the Shelford? Do I use a 3/4” TRS into one of the 4 x 1/4” line outs on the Apollo x4, and connect the other end of the cable to an XLR line input (not the mic input) on the Shelford?

2. Awaiting an answer to the above, I assume it’s obvious that I would then go XLR out from the Shelford and TRS back into one of the Apollo’s combo jacks. Is this right?

Thanks all!

Just an update:

I’ve hooked it up with 2 x TRS to XLR cables. One going out from the Apollo into the Shelford, and one going from the Shelford to the Apollo.

This hasn’t worked at all.

I’ve also used the I/O plugin in logic to send the intended track to output 1, and to receive it via input 1. (I’m surprised that one needs to not only hook up cables, but ALSO use a plugin to direct logic where to send the signal). Weird.

Perhaps the problem lies with UA’s “console”. I don’t know. But if anyone knows if this is correct, and if so, how to set up console to send out the track via output 1 on the Apollo, and to receive it again via input 1, please let me know!

Hi Les,

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, even if I assume these instructions apply to the x4 (not just the twin), I can't get even get past the first instruction. It says:

1. In Console, open the CUE OUTPUTS popover and set SOURCE for LINE 3/4 to LINE 3/4 (instead of MON). If Line 3/4 isn’t visible, you need to change the ALT COUNT value in Console Settings>Hardware to 0.

Well, the "line 3/4" option isn't visible, and my ALT count IS set to 0. Nothing I do seems to bring up the 3/4 option.

Notes about the remaining key points to the instructions:

1. My best guess is that the first instruction is meant to allow monitoring of the signal processed by the external hardware. However, it's very odd that the output 'line 3/4' should be selected. I've plugged my TRS to XLR cable into output 1 on the back of the x4. NOT 3/4. And, I'm trying to send a mono signal (acoustic guitar) to the external hardware for processing. But again, the only cue output option is 'mix'.

2. Ignoring the above, the next steps seem to be about creating a stereo linked virtual track in console to receive the DAW's main output; and, similarly, to stereo link analog inputs 1 and 2 in console for the processed signal to come in. Even though I'm actually able to do both of these things, I'm actually really confused as to the point of sending logic's main output to a virtual track in console. What has this got to do with sending audio to an external processor? You would think this would be done by sending a track in the DAW to the Apollo output that is connected to the external hardware (output 1, in my case). What's all this fussing about with totally unrelated procedures got to do with it?

3. Note than NONE OF THE ABOVE seems to have the function of routing music into the external hardware for processing.

4. Apparently, this now happens by simply clicking on the sends pop-out on any of console's inputs....And then you just raise 3/4 fader to 0 db. But there IS NO 3/4 fader!!!

So, this is where I'm at. Perhaps the first problem (no option to select line 3/4 as a cue source) is related to the final problem (no 3/4 send fader). And in either case, I'm just trying to send a mono source, not a stereo source, through output 1. This is just NUTS.

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