Output level compatibility between UAFX Dream '65 and DelVerb

Hello fellow UAFX users and teams,

I'm looking to optimize my pedalboard setup with the UAFX DelVerb, Dream '65, and Canvas Stereo DI/LI. My primary concern is about the compatibility of output levels between these pedals. Specifically, I’m wondering if the output level from the Dream '65 amp sim is suitable to feed directly into the DelVerb without risking any damage or signal integrity issues.

Does anyone have experience with placing the DelVerb after the Dream '65? Are there any potential issues with overloading the DelVerb's input or any other technical concerns I should be aware of?

Any insights or experiences you could share would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Even if you have it cranked to 10 you are not going to harm the delverb just use your ears.
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