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PBM & 88RS & Waves SSL Comp on drums


Established Member
I'm using a midi cut from a song file did by Jacker and which the midi is available at Tontrack. I did using DFHS and without instrumental context.
From the first file below, I added the SSL Comp analog & digital, the 88RS, and the PBC. A max of +-4 db of compression at 2:1. I will do another run having a much higher compression and ratio and maybe bring them if it worth the time. :D



Active Member
Thanks for posting these.

I don't know man, the PBC fairs very well against the Waves SSL!
And the 88RS sounds very well too.

What are your Attack and Release times?


Hall of Fame Member
I think they're all VCA compressors...

And I liked the 88rs best... but,but, but it sounded louder then the others... are the peak levels equal?

I've been using the 88rs a lot for bus compressing & EQ really like it, auto attack works great on everything by the way.... never miss not having an attack control...

Loving all the listening test! :D


Established Member
The attack time = 1.0 ms & release = 0.6 s.
I added the 88RS for the sake, the \"pull FAST\" is active, otherwise is not easy to match since low-res metering & variable settings, so maybe it has little more makeup vs threshold (more compression). But at the end all of them was peaking at the highest between 0.2 to 0.7, and using the MPL-1 to limits that little extra.
I was also trying the SPL on bd and snare top & also bottom. 17 uad + few native fx was loaded across the DFHS setup only. :D



New Member
Thanks for posting this! The SSL digital sounds like a tin can compared to the 88rs.. You just convinced me to buy it :D

- J.


Established Member
I still lean towards the waves SSL Analog as sounding more musical than the PBC, although the PBC is still pretty dope.



Active Member
I'm a Hip Hop guy and as far as fat drums with the snare popping (which is how I like mine) the 88RS sounds the best on this sample. then I would say the SSL analouge second and PBC third (I just bought it).
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