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PCI vs. Firewire vs. _ _ _ _ _ vs....



Right now I'm running an Echo Audio Layla 24/96 thru SONAR on a Wintel system.

If I up the ante & go to higher grade converters, I can go the Firewire route (e.g. RME Fireface 800, etc.)...the ADAT route...up to a mastering grade via AES/EBU, feeding into a 25 pin D-Sub from a mixing board (e.g., UA 2192, Apogee Rosetta 800, etc)...or back to PCI.

My question is: Which of these platforms are better; & why?

Is the main concern conversion jitter?, or is this not a concern at all (with any platform) since the interface converts as a standalone unit & then simply feeds the PC a digital signal?

Are there problems associated with Fireware & ADAT? Are they as fast or efficient as PCI?

If I go up the hill to a UA, Apogee, Mytek or Benchmark, how is AES/EBU as a secondary interface (ADC > DAI > PC)?



Also: Are there any good informationals out there comparing these systems for native DAW recording?


New Member
First of all, forget Firewire. It is a jittery interface in that computers are pretty crap at providing stable clock - but that shouldnt be an issue with a high end ADDA. But Firewire is slower and less bandwidthy than PCI.

Right. I hate Firewire :)

All optical formats are prone to data loss so I would avoid that too. Unless you have glass connectors and cables.

I would keep the Layla 24 and feed a stand alone converter via SPDIF(coax) or AES. I have heard great things about UA2192. I use a Rosetta200 myself and I'm constantly fighting not having enough channels. :cry: Sounds great though :lol:

If you want to go AES then try an RME AES card (dont remember the model) and feed Rosetta800




The thing I could never figure was...Lynx. Lynx had the LynxTwo, which was PCI; & the converters were good enough to almost be considered mastering grade. But they never had a front end to go with it...a breakout box.

So they come out with their \"mastering grade\" hardware series...the Aurora...& make it AES.

Go figure.

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