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PCIe Slot Configuration?


Active Member

I just picked up my second UAD PCIe Express card, both cards show up on my MAC and they are recognized in the UAD software and Audio Applications but I have a question:

When I open the Apple System Profiler and check PCI Cards the \"order\" of the the UAD cards are now out of order. The G5 came with the Video card installed in slot 1, I installed the 1st UAD card in slot 2. When I checked the System Profiler in the past everything was in the right order. Now after installing the 2nd UAD card in slot 3 the order of the UAD cards in the System Profiler is now out of order. Also I'm not sure what \"Slot: ax0\" means either. Again, everything seems cool but I wanted to make sure there is nothing that I should be aware of being I just purchased the card.

If someone could shed some light on this I would appreciate it.

PowerMac G5 DualCore 2.3 (PPC) with 6.5 GB of Ram, Tiger 10.4.9 (Combo Update), DIGI 002 (Console), ProTools LE 7.3.1cs4, Digidesign Music Production Toolkit, Digidesign Producer Factory Bundle. Logic Pro 7.2.3, (2) UAD-1e Cards, Seagate Barracuda SATA II 300 GB Secondary Internal HD (7200 RPM), OWC Mercury Elite Pro Classic 160 GB Audio HD (7200 RPM).

Dave Bourke

Active Member
Try this:

<Boot HD>/System/Library/CoreServices

You should find a little app in here named \"Expansion Slot Utility.\" Double-click on it and it will give you a better overview of what's going on with your PCIe slots.

Kind regards.

Dave Bourke

Active Member
My apologies, izzi63. I've just found out that Apple only bundles this application with the Mac Pro and not with the PCIe G5s, as I had thought.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say the cards appear out of order in Apple System Profiler. On my machine (Mac Pro), the card order, top to bottom, is Slot-1, Slot-3, and Slot-2. Slot-1 is my video card, Slot-2 is MOTU PCIe-424, and Slot-3 is my single UAD-1e card.

I suspect that ASP simply lists the date order in which PCIe cards were installed, starting (beneath the video slot) with the latest. At any rate, I wouldn't worry about it.

I've no idea what \"Slot: ax0\" means. Can you provide a screenshot?

Kind regards.

Dave Bourke

Active Member
Join an image hosting site (free), make your screenshot, edit for content and size, then upload to the site. This will generate an URL, or actually usually more than one (for different purposes) – the one you need is the one for use with bulletin boards. Copy that URL and paste it into your post here, then test with the Preview button before you hit Submit.

I couldn't get Image Shack to work at all. But Photobucket is pretty good.


Kind regards.
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