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phase adjustment in the body of the sound?!


I ve just spend a few hours trying adjustments with the free plug Phasetone of tritone digital, and the results are impressive. I already was aware of the phase adjustment between mics in multi-miking but here it is phase adjustements in the signal itself.
With this plug, I could transfom a dull kick drum in a very coherent sound, removing the original \"ballon type\" sound, and so I could change my bass sound tremendously, like changing my bass! and without loosing definition quality.Thus I'm very excited with such process
But there isn't any manual explaining the principle of such process. And I like knowing what is behind why I do.
So I wondered If you too had experienced phase process like this one, if someone know documentation on this subjet :?: if someone know other plugins with the same process principle than Phasetone :?:
Thank you all :) and sorry for my bad english


This month's UAD magazine has some good back ground on phase and delay.
The effects of time shift on combined sources are indeed exceptionally powerful tone shapers. Time shifting and the all-pass phase tools seem to be two paths to very similar places in this use.
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