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Plate 140 bug or something else?

I was experimenting with Plate 140 in my mastering chain in Wavelab just to see how and if it can add some extra spaciousness without ruining the sound. After playing around with it i finally came to a quite satisfying result. The values themselves don't really matter except the fact that the "wet" button was off. After rendering the track and listen back to it i had a very unpleasant surprise. It was sounding full on reverb exactly as if i had the "wet" button on before rendering.

I tried many times without any change. It seems like during rendering the "wet" button is getting active again automatically. Or could it be something else that i'm missing?

Could maybe anyone check if he could duplicate the problem?

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


New Member
This is tough given the information. What DAW are you using?

I believe, if it was a universal bug, everyone would experience it whenever they used 140 and exported a song. I've never had that happen.

You say it's in your chain so, we can rule out that you're rendering has an extra bus. Very interesting problem.

Are you automating anything? in this chain?

Was there ever a midi track on or tied to the track where you're now mastering?
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