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Plate 140 noise


New Member
I am getting a strange sound on the plate 140 the first time a signal is sent to it in a song. For example when used on a snare: the first hit on the snare will produce a sound from the plate like the crack of a whip drowned in verb. Every other hit after that is normal. It happens on different projects but it is always on the very first hit only. Anyone ever noticed this?



New Member
I don't think so. I read that thread before and it didn't sound like it was describing the same thing. Unfortunately none of the links to examples of that sound are working any longer so the description is all I have to go on.



Established Member
mlacommare said:
the first hit on the snare
From where is coming the snare sound?
I'm asking that since I'm using DFHS and it has his way to read samples.
No partial preload on cache mode. That's mean that many time on first hit the sample sound is not playing correctly, only the second time because already cached.
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