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Plate 140 vs IK CSR or any other.....

I have some newly found UAD bucks burning a hole in my pocket. I have been looking for a great reverb. I havent ran the demo of the plate 140 or dreamverb yet but i do have IK CSR.Frankly I have kind of been staying away form any uad verbs just so I am not tempted to use my card power for anything other than eq or compression. Just wondering what the general take on the uad verbs are here?

Agent Cooper

Established Member
You'll get lots of completely different opinions here ...
But here's my view, ymmv:
With CSR and Plate140 you can cover a lot of ground, Plate 140 and CSR Plate sound rather different, the Plate140 having a slight advantage for me.
Realverb and Dreamverb are great additions, too, as long as you don't want to force them to make Lexiconish noises. They are better at simulating quasi-realistic spaces.
Tony Ostinato's drum room presets for Realverb get used here relatively often (thank you, Tony !), great starting point to roll your own.
Maybe you could say the latter two save me from having to use convolution (which I don't like too much) most of the time.
Only an opinion,


Venerated Member
Wasn't too stoked on the IK stuff. Then again, I'm not a verb lover when it comes to a mix. Unless it's apart of one's sound. That being said, I love the Plate 140 and haven't really used the Dreamverb much, if at all. :oops:
Besides, with 3 cards I usually use up my power with EQ's and comps. ha!
I have the UAD Plate and have used the CSR as well. The CSR verbs are fantastic. Probably the best ITB verbs I've used short of the UAD Plate. The Plate still wins because of it sheer weight. The plate just sounds thick and integrates so nicely with the source audio that it's hard to believe it's a plug. The UAD plate has its own unique limitations however and I find that the CSR verbs (hall and room especially) seem to be very complementary.


Active Member
Plate 140 will only compliment csr, they sound totally different to me but both VERY beautiful in their own way. My favorite is CSR but plate 140 is awesome and truly one of the best out here.

Edit: I love dreamverb also!

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
wishingwell said:
Plate 140 will only complement csr
Agreed. Love it or not, I think we can all agree the Plate's a thoroughly unique plug-in.


Venerated Member
Yes, opinions will certainly differ here. :)

I can totally relate to being a bit sceptical about using the verbs since they eat up UAD power. However, the Plate 140 is a must have plugin I think. It sounds like no other plate-emu out there and is just beautiful for certain sounds.

Both the dreamverb and real-verb I think are expendable. I quite rarely use them and when I do it's usually for a certain effect and not a great reverb sound. But to show you where I come from, IMVHO I think the IK verbs were really bad. One of the worst reverb plugins I've ever tried. I think both Waves TrueVerb and RVerb sound better and I really don't like them either.

Best reverb plugins for me at the moment are....
UAD Plate 140
Arts Acoustic Reverb
Waves IR-1

Agent Cooper

Established Member
at least we agree about the 140 ! 8) :wink:
Did you notice there rarely seems to be somebody who is equally fond of Artsacoustic and CSR, or of TC and Lexicon for example ?
It's one or the other most of the time.
While I perfectly see the merits of AAR, it just doesn't seem to fit my music as well as 140 and CSR.
But, being old and in the way, I'm heavily influenced by 70s and 80s rock. :roll:
Great that there are different tastes, :)


Venerated Member
Yeah, haha now that you mention it! :lol:

I'm more a lexicon kind a guy, and although I think TC are great in their own way... I seldom use that style, but I have an M2000 and M5000 for the times they are needed. Usually for very small spaces that need to sound natural. The AAR to me can sound more lexicon than pretty much anything else, but at the same time it's a reverb that can call a lot of attention to itself which can be both good and bad I think.

I'm not knocking anyone liking the IK verbs, they just didn't do it for me. For some reason I thought the \"gel\" was missing. It always came out sounding like source/reverb, seperated in a not-so-musical way. I have a PCM90 and L300 in the rack which I'm very used to and although the programs in the IK verbs certainly had a Lexicon vibe to them, they were pretty much nothing like the hardware devices in terms of musicality. IMO if you want to get as close as you can to that vibe ITB you can have it to about 90% accuracy with the Waves IR-1 480 impulses. Those Lexicon Halls make my mouth water! :p


Established Member
140 is the schiniznit. For -me- it's the best thing UA's ever done. Why? Because, frankly, there are a lot of decent 'vintage' compressors and EQs but the 140 is head and shoulders above any vintage reverb emulation I've heard---surprising since it's a tough gizmo to model.

That said, I also can't live without my CSR. The Lexi sound is a 'must have' for me.

I would say that the two are like having a strat and a les paul. Ya can't say one is better than the other and most guys will have both.



Suntower said:
That said, I also can't live without my CSR.
I love CSR and Plate140 both too. 8)
I never regret to have CSR. It's really nice rvb IMO.
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