Please critique my mixes


Good songs. Can't go wrong with Sweet Home Bama. I like the playing on it, pretty true to the original. My only issue would be with the drums. They just don't sound right. They have very little bottom and the hats sound tinny to me. Love the guitar player.

For \"I Know\" I would bring the initial guitar up a bit as it's getting pretty buried for me. I like the cymbals a little better in this mix, and the drums generally. Still something going on. Maybe a little too much verb on the vocal?

I think though you're close to getting good stuff here. This band sounds like it rocks in your local bar on a Saturday night. Thanks for sharing these with us!

Big Harpe

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Thanks Hoth. FYI - we replaced the drummer this past Saturday and now have someone who can play these songs the way he's supposed to.
Thanks for the feedback. This is going to be our so-so demo for getting gigs.
Thanks again,


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This was fun to listen to.

Guitars sound great - drums seem a bit weak - maybe more volume?

Not too sure about the EQ/reverb choices for the vocals - they sound a bit distant, and perhaps too much treble.

Yes, the second one is mixed more evenly.

Just one man's opinion.

Big Harpe

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Thank you. As I mentioned, we canned the drummer on Saturday. Now we have one of the best Southern Rock drummers in NJ. We are thrilled.,

Thanks for the advice. Yes, the drums are weak on the recordings and are hard to remedy. Problem is solved now though.

Have a great day and thanks again for your input
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