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Please UA.. MORE POWER!!

Man, so far I really love the new Neve bus comp! But to use it at all during normal mixing I will have to buy a new card just to get one instance in a typical mix :(( I already have 2 and I am pushing them pretty hard most of the time.
I have been recording at 48k forever. But with an impending studio upgrade at hand I am seriously considering bumping up to 96k. Of course this means I need 2 more cards to do exactly what I am already doing just at a higher sample rate! But that leaves nothing for the new neve.
So I guess I am suggesting (or joining in the chior) that we need either a much more powerful card (maybe in the works already??) or to lift the 4 card per computer limit! Maybe the latter would be a great short term fix?
As I am in the beginning stages of upgrading I need to make some hard decisions soon. Without an answer I am left with adding a powercore or something. I'd much rather give my hard earned money to UA!!

Some kind of word from UA about this would be very helpful! Can we expect a solution in weeks? Months? A year?? and what will this solution look like. Not asking for definate timelines or promises, just throw us a bone!


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I second, third, and fourth this. I have one card and don't ever plan to have four, i won't go beyond two cards. I plan to buy the new Neve compressor and i know it's a greedy family member that will eat you out of house and home, a more powerfull card will be definitely needed for me especially if UA continues to make great plugs like the new Neve. I always choose quality over cpu/dsp consumption so no matter how hungry a UA plugin is i'll buy it long as i can fit one instance on my card, (especially since i have a good native arsenal). But i still see the importance of having a more powerfull card for self and others. Hope it comes soon!
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