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plugin application advice


Final post but i wondered if given the info below anyone can give me any pointers on plugin usage in realtion to the parts.

For mastering a final mix once its eq'ed i am looking for a Vari mu style
'finishing ' device .I know - buy a vari mu but what uad plug can do the same job , glue and creme up a mix .

For drum groups whats the top plugs you would use for compression and limiting ?

has anyone any other pointers on how to best apply the various plugins to various processes.Its just theres so many plugins and i have never used and dont know much about what a neve 429529 is good for against a neve 3221312 and how and pa3 differes froms la4 etc . . . i guess let your ears do the work but this doesnt help purchase choices.My aims a simple one , warm soft rubbery valve like music :) , but what plugs to buy as extras !i like the sound of them all.......

any advice would be cool ( listen to the demos and see ? ) my main focus is a mastering limiter / compressor to add ' that ' vari mu character.




Venerated Member
For the Vari-Mue thing, check out the 33609.
It can do a Manley thingy, at gentle settings.
Add a Precision Limiter(in B mode)/ a little eq and you can get pretty close.
What makes the Manley so cool is the way it can smash the sh*t out of something, but still have this HUGE/AGGRESSIVE WEIGHT to the bottom end.
I don't hear that in the 33609, but with some tweaks, can come close.


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I'm surprised that you never mentioned Fairchild compressor.
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