Pop/R&B tune to be reviewed please !!


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Didn't remember I did a song with you! :wink:

The song is great, btw. I can't tell you anything about the sound because of my humble PC speakers, but the song itself is really cool. Not my kind of music, but nice to listen too! Easy listening (in a positive way).



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I dig it. It's groovy and fun. The vocals sound really nice. The only thing thast bugs me about the whole thing is the break at 1:34. Something sounds kinda unintended about it. I don't mind the delay it's cool... but maybe too subtle, not sure. The drums sound kinda clipped (not overloaded but cut short) at one of the swing notes...

Cool song.

I agree with the drums, the snare and the sounds behind it sound kind of lo-fi...don't know why exactly, I guess it's intension so fine with me. I also agree with the break.

Good overall sound anyway.

Added by me:

Oh..and I think the woman's voice is very nice, maybe that should be brought in earlier...and I don't like the end...I think a fade-out will do fine.
Thanks for the comments guys - something to think about - Cheers.

Yes Holly has a great voice - im working on a track with her at the mo. Ill post it as soon as i can !!!

Regards Clive


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I might be the only one...

But to be a bit critical here, here are a few tips that I would recommend...

First, the vox in the RNB track is weak and pitchy, this is attributing to the less than stellar energy that the track is supposed to exibit, consider using additional vocalists to invoking seriously better performances.

The key to tracks with vocals is to make sure that the vocals are the star of the show, and that NOTHING ELSE IS AS IMPORTANT.

Any little wart in the sound, any little \"dit\" and the song will fail because we all have a voice and we all know when something feels right and when something doesn't.

I don't dislike the feel of the track, but it kind of strays between lo-fi old skool, and nu skool punch, what is the track?

The track needs a better focus and a better perspective, sorry to be critical, but there it is.

The drums go without saying. They need a strong punch on the 1 and two.
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