POP Song: Another Attempt To Salvage ADAT Tracks With UAD-1


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This is another tune with ADAT tracks I am attempting to resuscitate from the depths of 1992. I don't know what it's called, but it's a pop song about mis-communication between couples (and when you've been married as many times as I have, one develops quite definite thoughts on the topic.)

Download: http://www.suntowermusic.com/302_hi.mp3
Stream: http://www.suntowermusic.com/302_hi.m3u

Are there mixing problems? It's one of MY early mixes. Says it all, really.

Hope you can help.


Ben Logan

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Sounds like something I'd hear on the radio. Nice strong vocals. I'd like to hear a little more snare. The vocals could also use a de-esser I think.
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