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Power supply swap on a PCI expansion chasis


New Member
I am thinking of upgrading my SBS PCI expansion chasis with a newer, quieter power supply. I see that people on this forum are raving about the SilenX; however, the model they are excited about, seems to be discontinued. Therefore, what other models/ brands are good? There seems to be a lot of cheap knock offs on ebay of the SilenX brand; anyone have experience with this?

Anyhow, my main question is:

How hard is it to swap out the supply? Is there anything I should watch out for? And, what would be an appropriate wattage or rating? I am assuming a replacement supply should just pop in.... connect the cables and go?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Established Member
Yes, it's fairly easy and the only observation you should make is that the PSU does deliver enough power per line and not necessarily overall wattage. The main connectors are keyed and will only go in one way. Make a note of where everything goes (small stickers with information should help) , if you are unsure. Alas most 4 pin Molex connection work in a chain, 12V 4 pin connections are square and any SATA connections are flat profiles and very distinctive.

Another thing, try to make sure you maintain an even airflow by tieing cables out of the way of the air-intake of the chassis.

I hope this covers all the basics.
The other thing is that it is not easy to get the current power supply out of the case. At first glance, it looks like you can unscrew the back 2 screws and the PS should be out. Wrong! You have to take off the entire center wall brace...which is secured with screws in about 9-10 places from front to back of the inside of the case. Including through the little expansion chassie motherboard. (At least, this was in the MAGMA 6 slot box). So...while it is easy to do...it was a lot of work getting the case free where I could simply get the old PS out and the new one in. So...give yourself plenty of time to do the change.

The Enermax Noisetaker power supply is what I used and I can not hear a thing. Got it at Newegg.com for under $100.
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