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powercore problems


New Member
i keep getting these errors:
-the process synchronization between the plugin and the powercore driver failed.
and a few times:
-a communication error occurred.

my setup:
-frost acm-20 pc 2gb ram (http://www.frostacm.com)
-m-audio fw410
-uad-1 project
-powercore firewire
-cubase sl 3.1
everything is updated software & drivers
i installed a 2nd adaptec fireconnect 4300 card (1 for fw410 and 1 for pcore - to give the pcore full bandwith)

if i use more than 1! plugin on the pcore the error msg pops up.
is this a cubase SL vs pcore problem?
i havent got a clue..anyone?


Active Member
All I can say that the powercore firewire is very problematic with pc's. I also had many difficulties with powercore + m-audio delta1010.

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
Check with TC to find out if they recommend that particular firewire card. As F5D said, the Powercore Firewire is very problematic if you don't have the correct card.


New Member
youre right!
tc recommends these 3 cards:
1. inland pro ieee1394
2. syba pci 1394a
3. siig 1394 3-port

and 2 chipsets (Via)

VT6306, VT6307

of corse i cant find any of them here in norway...that would be too easy.
someone know a good place to order these cards?

Big Harpe

Active Member
Talk about the tail wagging the dog, huh? It's a shame that you have to change your MAINBOARD and/or FIREWIRE CONTROLLER to accomodate an EXTERNAL FIREWIRE unit. They really should write new drivers like every other manufacturer does when there are bugs. Why should you have to tear your system apart to get it to work?


I think the problem is that not all firewire controllers are designed to exactly meet the correct standards. I'm assuming this from the amount of problems people had with Yamaha's mLAN protocol and the responses given by Yamaha representatives at the time.

It's easy to say write the drivers to cope with problems but they'd have to test them against every possible FW interface. Even if they could, when they changed the software to work with one interface it might stop working with another.

It would make things of a lot easier if hardware was developed to correct specs in the first place.
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