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Pre-Group Buy gossip about upcoming \"Squids Tron Vol 2\"


New Member

Just want to give a friendly \"heads-up\" about an upcoming eSoundz Group Buy -- \"Squids Tron Collection - Volume 2\"!

The group buy will most likely start in March/April (a firm date has not yet been set).

It is going to be a sample collection of vintage instruments from the Chamberlin and Optigan to the Mellotron, as well as the possibility of rare instruments such as the Novachord and Clavioline. Additionally, as Squids puts it: \"There is definitely more funky lofi LOOP material\" going to be put onto the Squids Tron Volume 2 collection.

Currently, it looks like the supported file formats are: SampleTank, Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, Reason and SFZ (the format used by Cakewalk's Dimension).

For those of you who have Squids Tron Volume 1, know that it is only in the SampleTank format. If you currently own Volume 1 (or decide to buy it) AND also join the Volume 2 Group Buy (when it starts), then you will get the multi-format version for Volume 1. Having the multi-format versions of Vol 1 and 2 would greatly complement one another.

Right now, the group buy is in the preliminary stage and Squids is working out the details. For those who want to have some input or have suggestions, please feel free to view the thread at KvR.

Here are a few links that may be of interest:

Information and rumors about the upcoming \"Squids Tron Collection - Volume 2\" Group Buy
NOTE: On page 3 of this thread, we start to see a more detailed list of what will possibly be on the disc.

Info about \"Squids Tron Collection - Volume 1\"

Again, if vintage and rare sampled instruments are your thing, then when the group buy is officially announced, it may be something you would be interested in participating.



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