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Pre-UAD HLP REQ: X64 4400+ Neo2, 2G RAM - yet GUTLESS


(note - if i get this issue sorted, my Sweetwater sales guy has my very first UAD-1 FlexiPak ready to ship out, also see For Sale forum)

My setup: K8N Neo2, X64 4400+, 2 GIGs matched Corsair DDR400, nVidia MX 4000 vid, 2 Seagate SATA 1 250-gig, RME Fireface 800.

I'm here to aquaint myself with life with UAD(s), and appreciated Jim Roseberry's fine tuning of a very similar setup. I also have that RC3 EasyBIOS installed that was posted here.

The trouble is that my setup is totally lifeless and gutless unless a high-CPU program is running. Say for instance, if I run Winamp or any low CPU program, I get clicks and terrible latency, and I've tried eveything to really run this system lean and mean - unnecisarry Services are turned off etc.

My best diagnostic, I made a \"drumset\" with Autorun Menumaker - a page with buttons and each button triggers a drum or cymbal etc - it was a toy for my neighbors to mess with when they're partying, listening to music.

If I open that .exe the latency when mousing over is almost one second, no matter what my settings. However, if I open up Nuendo and ACID, and my CPU starts kicking in, the drumset latency is very quick.
I tried the MS hotfix described in Jim's post and in my case it didn't work. Also after tinkering with my boot.ini i couldn't see my lean hardware profile at bootup so I scrapped that one and restored my boot.ini code.

In conclusion I don't understand why latency and general processing is terrible unless the system is stressed-out. It's a fire-breathing dragon once it's got a big load going, but this isn't even a minimalistic DAW if this keeps up.

Any help much appreciated, then lets get me that first UAD :)


Active Member
the other programs are not using the asio driver I gues
This is a joke right?
If not, I'm going to have to assume that you have too much money.
Did you program an ASIO driver with your \"button\" program?


secretworld: I think you're right, and I'm tinkering to see what's what.

the lewis bros.: I'm a 40 year old musician, a non-traditional student who wants nothing more than to make jingles for a part-time living and make radio ads for the Democrats :D I assure you I don't have too much money and I've made sacrifices others don't have the courage to in order to see if this is my calling.

I don't have my UAD yet and I don't wish to create negative waves, but T Lewis B, I don't understand your cryptic sarcasm - is this the type of answers you get when you have an honest question before taking a financial risk like I am?
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