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Precision EQ adds gain?


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Hey Hey!

Is this right?

When I take a track that was bounced to disc (in PT LE 7.0) with a Precision Limiter on it set for a max Output of -.3 dB and import that bounce to add a Precision EQ in order to set a HighPass, as soon as I insert the Precision EQ, with none of the EQs engaged, everything flat, my audio peaks. I have to turn it down almost 2dB in order to avoid peaking.

Is that normal, that the Precision EQ, just by inserting, boosts the level?



Achment said, inserted with nothing activated, and no i havent noticed any gain when inserted but havent tryed a bounce yet.


Hey Hey Hey !


May be it could be related to the upsampling thing... Did you tried to insert Cambridge ? If that doesn't make your Master Buss peaking, then insert Pultec instead (as it uses upsampling too) & see if it's the same as with Peq.

Let us know what you'll find out.


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Good point. I'll try that and post again.


Sadly, left this world before his time.
Pultec will raise your level by 1.3dB anyway by design.
there's some documentation from Waves that explains it. basically it's something that happens with digital eq. i dont think it has anything to do with upsampling
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