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Precision Limiter and reverb levels?



I have noticed when I insert the PL as a master plug in SX on some older project that I already have mixed (in Cubase SX), that the reverbs tend to get a bit to high. Anyone else that noticed this phenomena? And is it common for a brick limiter to do this? Is it just that the overall level increases the reverb also? I have noticed the same kind of phenomena using pseudo stereo plugs. What I dont like is that it changes the balance of the dry and wet part of the sound in my mixes.


New Member
Like BobYordan already said, Reverbs always get louder after any kind of sum compression (like mastering for higher volume-levels). I always fall into this trap.

neil wilkes

Venerated Member
Maybe reduce the overall volumes & levels in the mix then, as to get reverb tail compression happening, you have to be close to 0dBFS.

Use the K-system metering, and don't go into the fortissimo zone for prolonged periods - or else you are killing the dynamics.


Quote from UAD :
\"The Precision Limiter is a colorless, transparent mastering limiter-no upsampling is used, nor does the Precision Limiter pass audio through any filters - audio remains untouched unless the compressor is working, in which case, only gain is affected.\"

Is this transparent behaivor, changing the balance of the dry & wet in a mix, if \"only the gain is affected\"?

I guess I will insert the plug before I set the balance of dry & wet in the future. :)


It is

The reason your getting the inncrease in volume of the reverb trails is becuase the limiter is compressing them, it is totaly transparent, but its your use of the limiter that is at fault. Not the limiter!

The source material you are putting into it is GOING TO get louder if you compress it, just like echos will if you placed it over a source with repeating echos.


Active Member
You have to remember that the whole process of Limiting/Maximizing will make lower level details more intelligible. That's one of the reasons people use it. If you apply less limiting then you'll retain more of the dynamics and the reverb will be less noticeable. Of course you can also lower the reverb level as well.


MASSIVE Mastering

Active Member
A rule of thumb I always suggest is to MUTE THE VERB OFTEN!

It's SO easy to get used to hearing that lush silky verb that MOST inexperienced engineers overdo it from step one.

Less is more in this case for sure. Unless it's there as a \"true\" effect where it's supposed to be awash in giant verb, it's normally best to err on the conservative side.


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if you find that your verbs are always too loud after mastering, try mixing on a different set of monitors. my HR626s expose the verbs much better than the krk v6s even at the same output level. btw, anyone want to buy them? i am moving on to dynaudios for mastering and putting my 626s in the tracking room. i understand monitors are all about preference, all i am saying is to consider it when trying to figure why your verbs are too loud.

Arys Chien

Active Member
BobYordan said:
Is this transparent behaivor, changing the balance of the dry & wet in a mix, if "only the gain is affected"?
The word "transparent" only means "not coloring the sound" here. If changing the balance of dry/wet in a mix means "not transparent", then I guess none EQs, compressors and stuff can be called "transparent", since EQs change your high/low balance and comprssor change your rough/detail balance.

I've used brickwall limiter at the end of the mastering chain for years that I learned to lower all reverb/delay level 1dB after I finish the mix. This lowered 1dB will be squeezed out during the mastering procedure.

p.s.: Yet I don't think Pricision Limiter is a transparent plug-in either. It does color the sound. Fortunately the way I like.
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