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Precision limiter help


Hey guys, Iv got the precision limiter and use it on all my tracks now, My master bus is usualy...

Liquid mix (compressor and eq) and then my Precision limiter.

Now, i've read the manual for it, but im still confused about the different metering systems etc

How do you use your limiter? what settings do you use?

Recently I was given a project to mix down, about 13 songs. I want to try and make the level when skipping tracks consistant. Any tips?

Eddie Macarthur

Active Member
the best way i find to get levels between tracks constant is to use cd architect. load all the tracks in the right order. then jump the cursor around between different parts of different tracks. you quickly get a sense of what level changes are required.
you can do the same in wavelab or other cd burning packages.
but before reaching that stage, i usually use either precision limiter or izotope ozone to get more overall level in each track. i import these processed version into cd architect then do the level thing mentioned above (usually, it would be a case of reducing levels if required).
no doubt someone else will come along and completely contradict everything i just said, but that's life!


Established Member
I refer to the RMS readings, a well as the VU readings usually. So if I analyse that average that most tracks are -20dB RMS at -6dBFS then I know by adding 6dB with precision limiter will change the average to around-14dB RMS. If I wanted more of a -12dB RMS feel I would add 8 or 9dB gain in Precision limiter.

It's all the maths really that makes it easier to understand, or you could analyse each track RMS level and calculate the overall average from each reading to get a more approximate setting.
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