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Precision Limiter Plug-In for UAD-1

Hi there

I am using Cubase 4 and have a UAD1 card... some of the new mastering plug ins in Cubase 4 are pretty good... maximizer ..limiter...so on..

I have not really had any problems with them but can afford to bring in a few more UDA1 plug ins...

does anyone know if they Precision Limiter is worth getting and will it make the tracks sounds better?

Thanks for reading...


Active Member
What uad plugins do you own already?
The PL is a great limiter which sounds very transparent, so except for making your mix much louder (if needeed) it doesn´t ad much colour. I think the fairchild ads a wonderful colour on a mix (some use the pultec for that) and I place a PL after the fairchild when mastering. When eq is needed when mastering I use the precision eq (soemetimes before the fairchild sometimes after).
I have

Camb EQ
Pultec (not pro)
R Verb Pro
D Verb

I was wanting to use it for making the mix as loud as possible without squeezing it to much... I find when I use things like Fiarchild on the whole mix, it manipulates the sound to much....

I have bought until now only two plugs(after demoing all of them).

Helios 69 and Precision Limiter for exclusive use on the \"mastering\" stage. I couldn't be happier with the results.

I suggest you go for it.
I just got the PL and I must say I'm impressed. I didn't expect much and was surprised how much better it is compared to the built in Cubase 4 Limiter. It can increase your overall loudness while retaining the transparency of your mix. No pumping. It's really worth it.

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