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precision multiband compressor : really good or not ?


New Member
I am interested by the precision multiband compressor... but there are divided opinions on this plug here !
i've the waves C4 & LmB, so will I have something more with the UA Precision multiband compressor ? it is more flexible, or simply sounds better than others native plugs, specially waves plugs ?
(i'm making electronic music, EBM in frontline assembly style)

Arys Chien

Active Member
Hi zodiac,

The Precision plug-ins are really insteresting. They make things sound nice in their own specific way, especially the Precision Limiter. If you want a ultra transparant plug-in, well in my ears they're not. But most of the time I choose them, because sounding nice is more important to me.

I've been using Waves LinMB for years til the PMB came out. (Recently I don't use a multi-band on my master bus, only when I'm mixing or doing some final editing for other people's work, just never my own.)

The Waves LinMB is more transparent than the PMB in Linear Mode. I don't know why, however, the PMB just sounds more musical to me.

Not to mention that the PMB has a minimal phase mode as an alternative, and a very convenient \"mix\" knob, which I think they should add to every UAD-1 compressor plug-in.

Last but not least, the PMB is the best de-esser plug-in I've ever use, and the only one I'd use now.


I concur with Arys.
I use this tool a lot, but mainly to isolate specific frequency ranges which require some form of dynamics processing. I do use it as a full multiband, but not as often. The parallel compression option (mix knob) is very handy. It is a great tool.


Paul Woodlock

Established Member
Arys Chien said:
Last but not least, the PMB is the best de-esser plug-in I've ever use, and the only one I'd use now.

Same here. I wouldn't use anything else for de-essing now


Active Member
Not sure about the Waves LinMB, but with the PMB each band can be a compressor, expander or a gate. This allows me to do really evil things to drum breaks :twisted: muahahahahaaaaa

Paul Woodlock

Established Member
The only real downer with the PMB is the inability to choose the number of bands. Particularly as this could be coded to save DSP when a lesser nmber of bands are used.


New Member
i've purchased the PMB, and it's a real good plug... nice loudness effects, \"airy\" and punchy sound in the same time... thanx U a lot guys !


Established Member
Well it's quite vesatile as it can be used as an gate, expander or compressor andeach band can be changed to suit. So I would call it multiband dynamics. Great value for money when you consider the price of similar plug-ins such as Sony Oxford, Waves, McDSP for example.


Active Member
I have not been too excited about the PMB since it came out (I got a voucher to complete the precision bundle so I felt I couldn't pass at $100).

However, recently I have been doing some mock orchestra and piano stuff for a production company, and they want everything loud. And you really have to give it to them from the very start, or the only comment you will get on your work is that it is not big enough.

Full band compression and limiting was not enough, but the PMB worked very nicely! Good thing also I got to play around with it, so now I am alot more likely to use it, even on other stuff. For me it works best on single instruments, but that could be me not knowing what to do with all those knobs.

Oh, I got some good results on some speaker voices too.

A little goes a long way...



Established Member
I only use the PMB when premastering, it helps for correcting stereo mix problems not just their dynamics but the speed they happen at. Something else I've learned is a touch of stereo widening delay helps in some situations but that's another topic.

Although with a new mix of my own, I don't always reach for the plug-in at every opportunity.


Active Member
i'm fond of :

expand below 150 hz

compress between 250 & 350 hz

to have massive sub dub bass in the mix


Does aynone of you use the PMultiband on club/dancemusic? I'm looking for a multiband plug to deliver PUNCH, the PLimiter is a bit soft, is the PMultiband in the same league?
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