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Preflex/Nigel sound image falls into the \"back\"?


Active Member
I really like the color of the preflex/nigel distortion for synths+drums but what I cannot avoid is the \"falling into the back row\" of the sound image.
I've already tried all the models & cabinets in combination with the \"bright\" buttons. I played a lot with the pre&post EQs, but the image still sounds far away instead of in-da-face.

Target: a very strong but still warm distortion WITH cabinet simulation which feels \"near\" in the sound space.

Any settings, ideas, workarounds?


Active Member
Definitely try it without the cab simulation, and maybe use something else for that like free IRs. Alternatively you could mess with a slightly resonant LPF in place of the cabinet sim, cutoff somewhere around 3-4kHz. It's a different sound for sure but might work.

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
Simply rolling off high-end can be surprisingly effective for cabinet emulation, though you'll want to be pretty aggressive with it on heavily distorted passages.


Established Member
Eurocide said:
Thank you. Sniff, this is what I suspected, that the cab sim is the culprit.
I will try some dynamic filters to get a kind of sick cab sim sound which is still in-da-face.
If you find a solution that works, can you post what you did?
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