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I want to make a backup of music-stuff, so I have a short question: For example when I save a Dreamverb-preset and rename it, where on my HD is the file saved?

Thanx for your answer!



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Preset management was a topic I was going to bring up and some point until getting distracted by something else. Like going down the pub perhaps.

Seriously 'tho, I'm using Cubase SX3 and the UAD stuff seems to vary in it's method of handling presets. Unless it's just me - which is extremely likely.

For instance, some of the earlier stuff you have to search to the presets folder and then load the specific fxp patch that you want, whereas the later plugs seem to have a more embodied sort of preset management where you can click in the preset window and get a dropdown list of available presets.

Obviously this latter method is preferable, but then it got more complicated when I started to save some of my own.

Even when I thought I'd named them OK and saved, they never made it into the dropdown list, but seem to appear in a subsection all of their own. Which is probably OK for a few patches, but I'm not sure what happens to this list of you start adding lots, or if, as Denny has pointed out, you want to know where they are saved on your computer.

Isn't it time to introduce a proprietry patch management system?

H :)


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Dude if you are using SX 3 you just have to click in that little are where are those preset names and you must choose \"save effect\" and your preset (or entire bank if you choose \"save bank\")will be saved where you put it on hard drive.It will be something like \"presetname.fxp\". Then you can load it where you want.

To answer to your original question: It is not saved anywhere since you are using save per project. You must export it to be able to use it in other projects.

Hope this will help but reading your SX 3 manual should not do any bad to yo :wink:
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