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problems with 2 UAD-1 cards and a MOTU 2408 PCI-324


I installed a second UAD-1 card with my MOTU 2408 PCI-324 and I am now experiencing crackles, pops, and all sorts of digital noise. Also, I can no longer slave my 2408 via SPDIF to my TASCAM Dat.

Here are some of the things I have already tried.

1. Rearranging the placement of the cards in every conceivable configurations. Putting the 324 first, last, and in the middle of the UAD's.

2. Adjusted the buffers on the UAD-1 cards and the buffers on the 324.

3. Contacted via email Universal Audio - however it is a holiday weekend and I probably won't here back from them for the next few days.

If it is known that the 324 can not co-exist with multiple UAD-1's, will an upgrade to a PCI-424 work? Also, will the upgrade to a PCI-424 still allow me to use just the original 2408 until I decide which interface (2408mk3 or HD192) to add.

My current system:

Dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4 1 MB L3 cache per processor 2 GB DDR SDRAM
DP 4.5.2
2 UAD-1 cards
MOTU Original 2408 with PCI-324

If anyone has had any luck with this combination, please provide me with your secret to success. As it stands now, the second card is useless to me unless I get this compatibility issue resolved.


I had this problem when I upgraded from 1 to 2 UAD-1 cards with my 324. I know you said you tried every possible configuration on the PCI slots, but having my audo card in slot 1, the UAD-1s in slot 2 and 3 after it, and my Sonnet IDE expander card at the end of the chain in slot 4 seemed to solve the problem. I didn't have any crackling issues after that with the 324 card and my 2408mkII.

I have since upgraded to a 424 card (due to me wanting to get a G5 soon)...and everything is still working smoothly.


Thanks for the reply Brian.

However, I have tried the config that you state with no success. As a matter of fact, that is the current configuration. The only variable that I see is that you have a MOTU 2408mkII and I have the original 2408.

Again thanks for trying.
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