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Probs with Nigel


New Member

I have just purchased the UAD-1 Ultra Pack, however when I try to load Nigel I get an error message:-

Sorry, one or more PoweredPlug-Ins have been disabled.
The Plugin was unable to load.
Out of processing resources. (err=1)

This is even without anything else on the card running (i.e. CPU is 0%). All the other plugs appear to be working ok.
What could the problem be?


New Member
Tried different sampling rates and bit depths, but the problem persists.
However I just noticed that Nigel does not appear on my list of authorisations, should it? Could this be my problem?


Sadly, left this world before his time.
No, you don't need an authorisation for Nigel. Sorry, I have no clue what it could be. You'd better contact UA directly.


New Member
For Info:

It appears that Nigel uses over 50% of a cards memory when running at 44.1KHz.

After Icontacted UAD I checked the RAM count which was 1 LL on my card, this means that I have some defective RAM so the card is going back for exchange.
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