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processor spike with DP 4.5.2/ UAD


New Member
Is anyone else experiencing this problem.
Using DP 4.5.2 with UAD card vers 3.8,
I am experiencing processor spikes, in DP's performance window. It happens when a project is first opened and the scroll bar reaches a soundbite on a track with a UAD inserted. It happens once for each track where there is a UAD effect.
It only seems to happen the first time the file is played. On subsequent playbacks all is normal. That is until the file is closed and reopened later. Than is does it again.

It happens at different buffer settings but is very noticable at lower settings If I'm tracking and happen to have a UAD effect on DP processor meter will hit the red and have audible click.I believe it has something to do with the the new Dynamic CPU Management feature. This was not happening with DP 4.5.

dual 2 gig G5/1.25 gig ram/OS 10.3.7

Dual 2 gig G5/ 1.25 Gig ram/ OS 10.3.7


Active Member
A few people I know have had these issues, so you are not alone. Problem is... We wish MOTU had given us the option to turn the CPU management feature off.

I had to revert back because of new issues courtesy of the new feature


Universal Audio
UA Official
For those users with DP 4.52 having problems with DCM and the UAD-1 plugins, I do have a workaround, please contact me directly (jamesc at uaudio.com email link also at the bottom of my posts) and I will set you up. Thanks.


I have exactly the same problem with my 2 x 2,5 G5, DP 4.52. But more, sometimes I have a CPU spike during playback...
Need help!!



Universal Audio
UA Official
This workaround does not solve the spiking, just the glitches than can occur as a result of Dyamnic CPU Management turning the plugins on/off. We should have the spiking cleared up in a future update.
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