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Protools 7 Is available! Who got email about Free update?


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Update available but not for free updates?

Has anyone used Synchronic, and if so, how good is it?


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Giles117 DP

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Well for you HD boys it is available. For us M-Powered Users it will be 2 more weeks


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Got this email from Digi, got PT 7, now all I need is a Dig 192 I/O :)

Dear Pro Tools HD Owner,

We never send email unsolicited. You are receiving this technical information
email based on your recent product registration and the registered email address
you provided. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please follow the
instructions at the bottom of this message to remove your e-mail address from
our registration database.

Because you purchased a Pro Tools|HD or Pro Tools|HD Accel core system, or a Pro
Tools 6.9 Software Upgrade on or after September 1, 2005, you are eligible to
download the Pro Tools HD 7.0 Software Update for free.

Pro Tools HD 7.0 is now iLok protected. As such you will need the following
activation code to download your Pro Tools HD 7.0 application and to obtain your
Pro Tools HD 7.0 iLok license and iLok backup license.

Pro Tools HD 7.0 Update ACTIVATION CODE:


The free download and additional details are available from this web page:

I'm well happy almost did not read the rest of the email that reads:

Software PLUS Option for Pro Tools HD 7.0 Free Update Owners

In addition to your free downloadable Pro Tools HD 7.0 Update, you also have the
option to purchase the Pro Tools HD 7 Software PLUS plug-ins at a special
reduced price, only for customers receiving the free Pro Tools HD 7.0 Update.

To purchase the Pro Tools HD 7 Software PLUS plug-ins please follow this link or
copy and paste the ENTIRE LINK WITH NO SPACES into your browser address window:

To purchase the Pro Tools HD 7 Software PLUS plug-ins from that link, you will
need the following code:


I can choose 2 of the following for £45 :D

Pultec Bundle
Slightly Rude Compressor™
Smack!™ TDM

I got Revibe, Smack and the Pultec Bundle already


So...the UAD-1 card is compatible with PT7 LE?
Some plugins are not due to the new Rtas engine or something, does anybody know anything about UAD-1 + PTLE7?

Just checking before I start downloading.... :roll:
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