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Quesion about reg vs. academic software editions


New Member
Question about software. I was looking on JRRShop for software and they have seperate listings like this:

Arturia Arturia Prophet V $199.00USD
Arturia Aruria Prophet V EE (Academic) $126.99USD

What is the difference between Academic software and the regular version? If it's merely a discount, what do you need to get the Academic discount?


Sadly, left this world before his time.
It usually depends on each company's academic policy.

Some examples:

- URS gives you a 50% discount if you are a student, teacher etc. in an academic institution. Simple scanned copy of i.e. your student ID is enough proof. The woftware is the same as the non-discounted one, no limitations of any kind. The discount is only possible if you buy through their on-line shop.

- Sonic Implants: If I remember correctly, you get a 50% discount, but if you want to use the sound in a commercial release, you have to upgrade your license to the full one.

- Other developers, like FXpansion, deal on a case-by-case basis - last time I got a 20% off on XFL.

- While a lot of developers have official academic policies, some others give no info on their websites. Don't take for granted that they don't offer any discount; Princeton Digital, for example, offers a 50% discount, but you have to ask them for it.

Not so often, you may find developers who offer reduced versions at an academic discount. Haven't had any experience with any of them.



Eric Dahlberg

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In the case of Arturia, I think you'll only need to fax a copy of your school ID over to us. However, as Akis said, it's really a case by case basis with these companies so it's better just to e-mail us directly & we'll find out exactly what needs to be done.
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