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If one were interested in a Mac solely for Luna purposes, what is the cheapest Mac option that is workable? Assume here that the console emulation plugs (neve, api etc), and pretty high track counts would be used, but not an overabundance of plugin chains.

Curious as someone who knows nothing about Macs current ecosystem and nomenclature, and has not seen a Mac in real life in 15+ years.
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I'm using a 2020 M1 MacBook Air with 16gb memory.
When I bought it I saw it as a compromised stop gap solution until I can justify something like a Mac Studio.
In over two years it has worked perfectly with Luna (96/24), also photo editing and quite intense video sessions.
The screen is very small so I pair it with a larger monitor (mixer on the MacBook, arrange page on the large screen).


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My 18 track studio is run with LUNA on an M1 Mini 16gb. Not planning on an upgrade anytime soon.


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Check Apple's official refurbished store. That's where I got mine for a pretty good discount. Inventory changes frequently, even within the same day.
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