R&B number and the girl is pretty damm good !!


If you get a minute please have a listen and check out a tune i've been working on with a local artist.

I have slightly cooked the mix at the mastering stage. Whoops !!

Anyway thanks for any comments.


The track is on my website - Under track 2 - cheers.



Hi Clive,

I love the girl, love the song!

I have a few crits:
The vocal drops in level when she sings low parts, try automating the level of the lead vox so you can clearly hear every single syllable she sings before you slam it trough a compressor. That way you can also use the compressor for sound instead of level.
It would be great if you could add some more vocal layers in the chorus to make it stand out more, don't hold back!

The highs 8-10k on the shakers/hihat and the sibilance are killing me, and sound somewhat distorted but that could be mp3 artefacts.

Apart from these points it sounds great.

Could you tell me what vocal chain you used? Did you use the Dominator while mastering (Brian Gardner style)?


Hi Pieter,

Sorry the about the distortion, the mp3 conversion didn't help. Plus I over cooked the mastering hehe. I put the mixdown though the fairchild, no compression though, just the input gain up a little. Next was the pultec -pro small amout of 30 hz and 16 khz. Finally a software multiband compressor.

I didn't use the dominator 2, to be honest i cant seem to get it sounding any good.Does anyone know how to set this thing up for a R&B mix ??
Strange because everyone rates it so highly hehe.

Vocal chain- V69 mic, voicemaster mic pre, lynx 2 sound card.

I added fairchild and dreamverb when mixing down the vocals with the music.

Thanks for the comments, hope the info helps ??

Anyone else !!

Regards Clive


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Yo Clive,

nice one 8) I like the drum sound, sounds very radio

I think the chorus needs some attention, couple of extra doubles and something to make it stick out more.

you got something here though \:D/



This tune stands out. The production is great, but more importantly the vocalist is feeling the music. She has a great vibe. I think the message of the song could be refined a bit, what's this thing with babies. Does not compute.

The song is a pleasant listen and is catchy enough to listen multiple times.

Ok I get it now. *slap* -- great tune

I agree the \"baby aint it bad enough\" should be beefed up a bit.

Excellent... yes it is!



Hi Clive,

Thanx for the info. I had never heard of the V69, looks interesting.

I don't know anyone who uses the Dominator, I was just curious if you had some good use for it. I know it's sometimes being used in mastering but usually in a heavily modified version. Apparently a normal Dominator slightly deteriorates the sound even if you only let it pass through. Once the signal path is cleaned up and upgraded people get very nice results from it, especially the ones who like their masters slammin'. :twisted:

btw, didn't you use a limiter in your mastering chain?


Thanks all for the positive reviews, glad u all like the tune.

yeah im definitley gonna beef up the chours line !!!

I know it's sometimes being used in mastering but usually in a heavily modified version
Heavily modified version ???

Again whenever I try to use limiters , i find it just crushes the sound. Another bug bear of mine. Maybe because I mix at 24 bit .

Regards Clive

Ta for listening


Heavily modified version ???
Here are some links of someone modding his Dominator:

http://recpit.prosoundweb.com/viewtopic ... r=&start=0

and part 2 of it:
http://recforums.prosoundweb.com/index. ... e#msg_6808

If you know someone who can use a soldering iron it may be worth trying.

whenever I try to use limiters , i find it just crushes the sound.
Respect. It's not often I hear someone who actually prefers sound over an euforic gain of loudness. I don't think I've ever mastered something without a limiter :oops: I do listen to before and after at equal loudness to see where louder gets worser though.

It's not often I hear someone who actually prefers sound over an euforic gain of loudness
But thats the whole point I cant get the mix any louder, even with a limiter hehe. :lol: If I put a limiter on, sounds mushy and nasty.

Modifing the Dominator- never new about that. A bit over my head though.
Interesting though ta.

Give it a try mate, mix down a track in 24/32 bit. Wack the fairchild on, input stage 12, no compression. then pultec pro, multiband wack it up as far as you can without the track distorting. Export.

Ps the above track I ran the whole though vocal the La2a, seems to be better, have a listen.

Laterz Clive


multiband, wack it up as far as you can
LOL! No wonder a limiter won't do you any good. If you've already abused a multiband compressor to the max, there aren't any peaks left to limit :)

I don't really hear a lot of difference in your track, my two points still stand. If you listen to Alicia Keys or Aaliyah you'll hear that even the softest whisper stands well above the mix. You can't get this with just compression, you'll need to automate the level. Sorry but I have to be strict here :D

C Ya,
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