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last summer i met amy jo johnson and i made one song with her. actually this is just demo.
anyway i'll like to her your opinions.
so, i'm made music and production whille amy wrote lyrics.
song is here


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thank you very much. :roll:
actualy, we made this just for fun. i played melody to her, and then she wrote lyric. we made arangament and all trackings in one day. in the meantime i added some instrument more, but i was lazy to do new remix. :oops:

btw: more about sweet ammy jo you'll find here. she is big star, but very nice person. 8)


really nice.. i like the guitar...
cool groove stuff.. it is 'light' .. i like that..
alot of stuff sells itself so hard, this is refreshing...

... could use a decompress in the middle... fits the song .. drop some smooth time (hold back on the harmony) and slide in some tricked guitar (sparingly) and snap (bump) on the beat a bit... then lead back in.. :)


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sounds realy good and open. you can tell it's a demo because the vocalist is not into the song yet and the overal production is a bit linear, but a cool demo it is 8) Nice work



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I do indeed like the production. Not feeling her, but hey that's a personal thing :)

The music is nice and open, good job...

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completely digged this tune,, luved the vibe,,,

gives me inspiration to get my tunes done,

other then the wah pedal guitar effect hitting some highs that seemed to dominate, and wanting to heear the whisper parts up front more, i gave this song three spins in a row and enjoyed it imensely,,

keep up the great work

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