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Recording with UAD plugins Discussion


New Member
Hey I wanted to get some thoughts on how everyone records vocals VS. how I do... So I always just turn on the mic 48v on my soundcard (scarlette) and i keep the gain on the sound card at
O.. all the way down.. and then I get my gain completely from the plugin I'll be using wether its a 1176 or a API vision... i bring up the input knob to
-24db and the output around -18db on a 1176 rev a comp or on my API Vision i bring up the mic line pre somewhere between 42 do up to 50 db... I feel like it sounds more professional and industrial when I get my gain like that... Cuz obviously in a pro studio the mic is going thru outboard gears first such as a mic pre or a comp at first then into other outboard gears like eq or whatever... I wanted to hear everyones thoughts on how I record vocals into the daw and the quality and richness it would bring it to the recordings.. is it better? or should I use the gain on my soundcard instead?


Hall of Fame Member
Whatever method you use to get your gain up to your preferred levels is entirely up to you. You are not doing anything "alarming" at all.

I will say though, especially when you are using UAD analog preamp emulations, to get "the most" out of the emulations you want to push your Scarlett's gain so that your levels hitting the plugin are in that plugin's "sweet spot"... usually around 0 dBVU, or even a bit beyond that, on the plugin's meters. But definitely experiment with what sounds best to your ears for whatever plugin you choose.
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