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Replacing an UAD-1 in group autorization


Active Member
Hey all,

One of my 4 UAD-1 just died, Windows refuse to boot with or freeze during the installation. tried in the Magma, in the CPU, on another one, same thing. Not a big deal, I have to buy a new one. BUT...

Owning all the plugins, how can I transfer the plugins authorization to the new card, since 4 cards are already registred on \"myuaudio\" ? I will still use 4 cards so I can't see a reason to pay for all the plugins a second time... and I don't have the money for this.

I can't imagine an UAD-1 can't be replaced in the \"software authorization group\", or what it means when you own 4 cards and lose a one, you loose the plugins you bought with...

I wrote a mail to UA to ask them but didn't have a answer for now, anybody knows or already has to deal with the same problem ?


New Member
They should be able to take care of it for you. If you buy the new card and tell them that you need to swap it into your hardware profile, they should be able to take care of it. Just give them all the details and some time to help you.
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