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Reverb's problem


Active Member
Hi guys!

I am new to this forum.
Today I bought my ultrapack and here is my problem.

I am trying to use the plate 140/realverb/dreamverb on a aux channel but it is not working.
At the same time if I put another reverb(altiverb) everything is ok.
I have try to put those as an insert...but there is no sound at all!

Any help?

Thank you all


Sadly, left this world before his time.
We need more info about your system: host etc.

Sorry for pointing the obvious, but have you downloaded the authorizations' file to activate the plug-ins?

When you use them as an insert and get no sound at all, try switching them off and then on again.


Active Member
thank you Akis.

I think after a search that I did here that the whole problem was due the DP 4.6 problem with mono to stereo plugs.
I solved it.
another problem is that I have clicks when I using the plugs and specially the verbs under 10.3.8.
My system is DP 1.25 OS 9.2.2/10.3.8-Dp 3.11/4.6-1,5g ram.
Under 9.2.2 is fine but with OSX is not ok!

Any comments please?


Active Member
After some testing its the verbs, for sure, that cause the clicks but I can't figure it out.

Please HELP me

Thank you all!!


Active Member
Thank you James.
I am sorry for the delay but I got married on Monday 25-7-05 and we went out of town for a couple of days

You are right about the mono to stereo plugs.
I figured it out.

I have noticed many clicks in the audio signal under DP 4.6 PCI 324 with 2408 and 10.3.8 os.

what i have done so far is to install pci 324 v1.08 and everything is smooth so far.
I will check it well now that I am back and let you know what is happening.

BTW UAD ultrapack is FANTASTIC!!!
BRAVO Universal audio


Universal Audio
UA Official
Congratulations! :)

A note on the 324; I've found that the 324 doesn't work as well under OS X than it did in OS 9. The 424 works better, however, with both you will want to disable any ins/outs in the MOTU PCI Console that you do not use (I/O from the 324/424 still takes up bandwidth if it is enabled in the MOTU PCI console but not used in the DAW software). This will free up bandwidth that the UAD-1 can take advantage of.


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Thank you very much James :wink:
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