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RF interference problem with UAD and Multiface 2


I noticed a really nasty digital/RF noise coming out of my mixing desk

and I also noticed that it is most probably coming from a ground-loop related problem between my PC audio interface which is a Multiface 2 , and the Mixing desk.

now the funny thing is, when I remove my 3 UAD-1 cards physically from the PCI slots, in essence leaving the PCI soundcard alone, the RF disappears altogether and everything gets back to normal (well apart from not having access to my beloved UAD plugins).

I also noticed that the more plugins I fire up on the UAD system, the more RF noise I get from the mixing desk.

Last thing, the noise is not present at the Soundcard's outputs. It's just there on my mixing desk... which basically tells me that my mixing desk looks as it is quite sensitive to the Multiface + UAD combination.

Is it possible that UAD does something to the PCI bandwidth that basically creates all sorts of grounding/earthing problems with external gear ?

what would you suggest to cure this problem ?

I also thought about a possible problem with my PSU, do you know how much Watt does a UAD burn ?
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