RME ADI 4-DD and Frontier Designs Apache



$425.00 for either unit

Do you have ADAT I/O and need 4 x stereo pair of AES/EBU (also will interface with S/PDIF)? This is the ticket.

This unit has been with me for about 2 1/2 years and at one point was placed in a location that was hard to reach. In inserting the ADAT cables, I accidentally dislodged the two small trapdoor covers on the ADAT input and output of this unit. Without the little doors the cables do not lock securely in place when inserted. The way I solved this problem was to cut out two small squares of gaffers tape and stuck them to the flattened top of the optical plug. When the plug was inserted, it locked in and this provided a secure connection and I had no problems with this device working normally.

Included is the power supply and a 20' CBI (Belden) TDIF>AES cable. This cable cost over $200.00 when purchased new. At one point I needed a wider fan out so I split the snake sheath. The cable functions normally/passes signal just fine.

These units have increased significantly in price in the last year and a half. Just the ADI 4-DD and PSU costs $599.00 these days. Add the cable and you're looking at $700.00 + depending on the brand of cable.

If you are in need of one of these units, this one will serve you well at a very significant savings.

Here's a product link to the Apache in case anyone is wondering what this is:


I have pictures and will be glad to send them upon request
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