RME HDSP 9632 (SOLD)- E-MU 1212m - Presonus BlueTube/BlueMax


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Well different stuff to sale. Canadian folks are more then welcome, since less fussy about custom ( :D ). I'm the original buyer for all the products here (except the BlueMax) , and have also the invoice for everything. All products was use in my home studio for personnal use only.

-E-MU 1212m: Perfect shape (only 1 year of use) with the box and a bundle cd including some demos and full release of Cubase LE, CakeWalk etc.

-(SOLD) RME HDSP 9632: Perfect shape (10 months) with the box and also including the extra XLR breakout cable (sold separatly in store), I sell it because I got a FireFace! A wonderfull card... (any offer has to be a little more then reasonable. :roll: )

-Presonus BlueTube and BlueMax: Original BlueTube stereo preamp with his compressor's brother. I have the box for the BlueTube somewhere but can't find it for now... I'm the original owner for the BlueTube, but I bought the BlueMax from the salesman who sold me the BTube! 2 years of use for the BTube and the BMax. Since they are a nice combo, for now I'm looking to sale them together only.

Make me an offer for any product and will see...

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