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Roland DD, i thought sound better!


Active Member
sorry to say this.. I'm a HUGE UA fan but i was quite disappointed with the new roland DD :cry: .. I've tryed this plug in on bus1(where i group my backing vocals) along with the plate140. The effect was barely noticeable even with pretty high settings. This plug in isn't supposed to windth the stereo immage and give a nice chorus effect? Maybe i'm doing somethin' wrong?
What you guys think about the DD anyway?


New Member
I second what Ninja said! DD is a great plugin, especially to subtly fatten guitar or backing vocals tracks. Way less drastic than CE1 though...



The CE1 is just another Chorus. But DD is totally different: suddenly you hear some dimension, a wide experience. I tried it with different guitar tracks and it's like opening a window in a dull room.


Active Member
Yeah i agree with you guys. I just try the DD on acoustic guitar.. Pretty nice! But i still don't like it on BV. The effect is too subtle and not wide enough. Too bad, i waited this plug in for long time :(
BTW i what is the input mode switch?If i use DD on a stereo bus(where only mono tracks are grouped), wich mode work better?


New Member
hi can someone explain the principle behind the original Dimension D?
The sound (and the mono compatibility BTW) are really great, so I'm interested in the idea behind the circuit (Maybe build a frankenstein version in reaktor)


AFAIK it's an analogue bucket brigade simulation. Essentially a sort of short delay, where the signals are fed back and summed up.


Universal Audio
UA Official
I've found the DimD to have the most dramatic and pleasing effect when used on true stereo sources (like an acoustic guitar recorded with stereo mic setup). This really expands the stereo image and adds a larger "dimension" to the sound. The 1+4 mode is my favorite for this.

If you have a not quite true stereo source (like a synth or something that has a "stereo" output), try putting the DimD on only one side and using a stronger setting like mode 3 or 4.

Dragonsf said:
AFAIK it's an analogue bucket brigade simulation. Essentially a sort of short delay, where the signals are fed back and summed up.
Correct. The delay times modulate as well. The mono switch essentially sums the input to mono before processing.
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