Satellite FireWire on USB-C Windows PC


Is it possible to run a Satellite FireWire through USB-C on a Windows PC? -

Like this for example -



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Why not? -


(And I wonder - why is the "Like" of UA representative - to an unfriendly answer)

it wasn’t unfriendly….I've already asked it…so was straight to the point.


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Why not? -
You need Thunderbolt on your computer not usb-c. (they use the same connector but are not the same)
(might still not work, I have no idea, but that would be the minimum requirement)

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Those are two entirely different protocols (like oil and gasoline). They're not interchangeable or adaptable. Even on Mac.

USB-C is, unfortunately, ambiguous. In the case in the video you linked it's not USB that's being used, but Thunderbolt, which is the equivalent of using a Firewire PCI card, only externally. Same protocol can be provided by the Firewire card (tiny in-line care, in this case).

USB, unfortunately, does not have such capability. It's a more limited format.
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